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The Court of Siam Thai Cattery - About Us


Cattery "The Court of Siam"


Padme came into my life in 2006. She was my first Thai and I’ll never stop thanking her for the honuor of her friendship. My interest in this particular race and the World of Cat breeding was born thanks to her. It was this deep interest that led to the birth, in 2007, of the Court Of Siam in which Padme is the inspiration and progenitor to this new Bloodline. Padme is a Novice; being recognized by international judges representing the Thai Race as a new Bloodline and it’s this line that is fundamental and the driving force behind the Court Of Siam. Every cat originating form my Cattery live healthy and happy lives in my home and enjoy the run of the household.

I am passionate about the wellbeing of my kittens, from the moment they are born, until they are ready to start their new lives in their new adopted homes. I pay particular attention to preserving the bloodline and the health of my cats is the most important aspect of all that I do and try to achieve: It’s for this reason that you will not find “Kittens available” all year round, because I will never allow my cats to have more than one litter a year. This allows me to concentrate on the kittens and give “Mum” time to recover her strength and reduce stress.

All my Cats are house cats and are tested FIV-FELV negative, anti-worm treatments and all necessary vaccinations to ensure a long and healthy and happy life.

The Court of Siam is a recognized FIAF association and is affiliated to the WCF.

If you need any advise or are just a little curious to know more about the Thai, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Living with a Thai is a wonderful experience , and for all those who have had the privilege will keep these fond memories for the rest of their lives...

Katia Lembo



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